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Day: 09/05/2012

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Latest Specialty Beer: Galaxy Session

As much as we enjoy brewing our regular (and tasty) selection of house ales and lagers year-round, we also enjoy throwing new brews into the mix, giving our beer-tasting buds some refreshing new flavors. This season, we’re unveiling our Galaxy Session, full of tropical aromas and fruit flavors to make that summer feeling last with every sip.

This specialty beer gets its name from both the variety of hops used in brewing and its style. Galaxy hops are a variation solely grown in Australia and are used for their unique tropical, citrus, and passion fruit flavors. Session style beer is generally defined as a beer with no more than 4.5% alcohol by volume, allowing the imbiber to sound-mindedly savor more than one glass in one “session” if so inclined. The Session Beer Project defines a session beer as low in alcohol, but not low taste.

About the Beer

This ale is light golden-brown in color with a fair haziness from dry hopping in the fermentation vessel. Aromas of tropical fruit, melon and mango are followed by a crisp and dry bitterness in the finish. 3.5% abv, 25 IBU


Gambrinus Organic Pilsner

Briess Ashburne Mild

Briess Midnight Wheat

Best Acidulated


Bittering = Nugget

Flavor/Aroma = Galaxy

Dry = Galaxy

Food Pairing

The delicate flavors and crisp finish in the Galaxy Session make this brew an excellent match with lightly flavored foods. We recommend pairing a pint with these dishes from our menu:

  • Monterey Calamari
  • Margherita Pizza
  • Artichoke Chicken Wrap
  • Fish Tacos

And keep an eye out for seasonal specials on the way soon! Rumor has it our Watermelon Gazpacho is making a return and we think the fresh, crisp melon flavors in the beer and soup will create a great pairing on a cool, sunny day on the patio. Cheers!