Latest Specialty Beer: Milk & Honey Ale

We’re pleased to announce the return of an annual customer favorite: Milk and
Honey Ale. This highly requested specialty beer makes a guest appearance on our beer list about once a year, and once its back it doesn’t often last long!

We’re tapping it just as Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season – think of it as an extra gift to yourself while you’re out and about shopping and spending time with loved ones. Come enjoy a pint at the brewpub or take some home to friends and family in a liter or half-gallon bottle to-go.

About Milk & Honey Ale

This ale presents a polished copper color, silky smooth medium body and nuances of honey, which comes from a proprietary honey malt. We add lactose, an unfermentable milk sugar, to provide body and a slight residual sweetness. 5.5% abv. 25 IBU


  • Pilsner
  • Honey
  • Acidulated


  • Bittering = Centennial
  • Flavor/Aroma = Willamette

Food Pairings

The medium body and light sweetness of Milk and Honey Ale make it a great pairing with like-bodied comfort foods. Or, if you prefer cutting some of the heat when savoring spicy meals, the malt character of the brew will cool your palate in between hot bites. Here are a few pairing suggestions from our menu:

  • Chicken Marsala
  • Bread Pudding
  • Spicy Thai Curry
  • Fish Tacos
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza

Come in to the brewpub and relish in a pint while it lasts! If it runs out quickly, rest assured we are saving some for our Winter Beer Dinner in January – be sure to make a reservation soon for your seat at the five-course beer and food pairing extravaganza. The Milk and Honey Ale is slated to be the headline craft beer of the show.

We hope to see you savoring this specialty brew soon!

~ by R. Koning on 11/21/2012.

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