10 More Barrels of Beer with Our New Brewing Tank

We had a special delivery this Tuesday – a brand-spanking new serving tank for our brewery! Our other five serving tanks are positioned right above our bar and allow us to serve cold beer fresh from our taps everyday. This vessel will allow us to always have six beers on tap (a goal we sometimes struggle to reach with our current brewing capacity) and increase the variety of beer styles we offer.tractor move

Our brewer, Larry Chase, is particularly excited about the opportunity to experiment with brewing more lager-style beers. Because of their colder fermentation temperature and longer maturation time, lagers take longer to brew and therefore take up more tank space. With this extra serving tank we can transfer batches faster and free up fermenters to start new batches all over again.

Here’s the specs on our new tank:

Working capacity :10 BBL (310 gal)

Total capacity :12 BBL (372 gal)

Weight: 1000 lbs

The tank was built by Marks Design & Metalworks in Vancouver, WA. After it arrived on upstairs viewTuesday we brought our New Holland tractor up the road from our farm to move it to a safe space in our back alleyway. This afternoon, co-owner Alex Amarotico and his team will move the vessel upstairs to our overhead brewing facility inside the brewpub.

Larry hopes to start using the new tank right away, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store with new varieties and more of old favorites on the way! Stop by to gander at our new pride-and-joy, and, of course, have a pint while you’re here.

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~ by R. Koning on 08/09/2013.

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