2015 Winter Beer Dinner Photo Recap

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You came, you saw, and you ate and drank a whole lot of craft beer and food. If you joined us for our Winter Beer Dinner last Thursday, we want to say a big “Thank You” for helping us make the evening a tasty and fun success! If you weren’t able to make it, there will always be next year (and keep it on the down low…we’re considering a summer pairing event, too).

toastingWe had a full house for the three-hour-long beer and food pairing soiree. Our brewer, Larry Chase, led everyone through flavor combinations and concepts, such as matching, contrasting, complementing, echoing, and finding a homerun – when the pairing is so phenomenal that all the flavors are elevated and the whole is greater than individual parts. Mmm, yes please. You can find more about beer and food interactions at CraftBeer.com.

It sounds like everyone had a different favorite course of the evening. The brewer’s favorite (as he let everyone know before the course) was the Carrot Cake with Vanilla-Mint Coulis paired with the I ♥ Oregon Ale. Typically, IPAs are great matches for carrot cake, but this hoppy pale ale provided the right amount of astringency between bites, while the lighter body complemented the light and fluffy cake and cream cheese frosting. Yes, it was delicious.

What was your favorite course of the evening? The 2011 Reserve Rogue River Blue from Rogue Creamery certainly stands out in our mind as a treat alongside the 2014 Barley Wine. Whichever course made your taste buds swoon, we’d love to hear about it!

For more mouth-watering fun, check out some of our favorite photos of the evening, below. Our house photographer, George Rubaloff, was on-scene to make sure every dish and Standing Stone craft beer had its time in the spotlight.

And if you’d like to be on our mailing list for next January’s Winter Beer Dinner, please email us at Rachel@standingstonebrewing.com and we’ll send the word next November when we’ve picked the perfect date. Until then, keep pairing, citizens!

Pints for a Purpose Supports Friends of the Ashland Public Library

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Next week we welcome the third recipients for our 2014/2015 Pints for a Purpose program: Friends of the Ashland Public Library. Through our beer-sales donation program we’ll give $2 for every pint of beer sold at Standing SPrinttone from 5-10pm on Tuesday, January 13th. Come in for a brew and support this great Ashland nonprofit!

In November and December we welcomed Rogue Climate and WaterWatch of Oregon as donation beneficiaries. Together, they raised nearly $1,000 total by bringing in friends and fans to enjoy craft beer and support their causes. Raise a glass of your favorite brew next Tuesday to join in the fun.


We’ll give $2 for every pint, 1/13, 5-10pm

Friends of the Ashland Public Library is an active organization that works to ensure that free access to information remains a part of Ashland’s community.  They sponsor children’s events, summer reading programs, Ashland Mystery Readers, Author Night at the Library, and more. You can become a member by filling out a form online, and support their cause through Pints for a Purpose – go big!

If you’re planning on enjoying a local craft beer next Tuesday anyway, why not make it a pint for a purpose? Any beer sold between 5-10pm goes to the nonprofit. Call up your beer-loving friends and join the community as we drink a beer (responsibly) for Friends of the Ashland Public library.

Toasting Homebrewing with Southern Oregon’s First AHA Rally, 2/22

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We are excited to welcome the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) for the first AHA Rally in Southern Oregon! The AHA hosts several Rallies all around the country every year, with 4,500 members meeting at 31 Rallies (the most ever!) in 2014. These gatherings are great opportunities to meet other beer enthusiasts in the area, share stAHA_logoories and recipes, and kick back with some beers in a commercial brewery setting. The Rally will take place at our brewpub in Ashland on Sunday, February 22nd, 2-5pm.

Attendees will enjoy beer samples, take home a Rally-exclusive gift from the AHA, and enter to win prizes from both the AHA and Standing Stone. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet Standing Stone brewers and staff, take a VIP brewery tour, and mingle with other local homebrewers.

As a special feature for our Rally, Standing Stone will do a wort give-away. Each attendee gets to take home 5 gallons of wort produced by us! AHA members will show up to the Rally with a pre-sanitized carboy or bucket. Our brewery staff will be there to help disperse the boiled and chilled wort to those who want to participate. Homebrewers can then ferment their beer and compare flavors with others from the Rally.

AHA Rallies are free to current AHA members. Non-members can join online, or sign up o_DSC3980_edited-1nsite at a discounted member rate. Save time and fill out a membership form in advance to bring with you to the Rally. You can also RSVP online to help us properly prepare for the event.

We’re thrilled to bring this beer-community get-together to Ashland. Sign up, mark your calendar, and get ready for an afternoon of beer, tours, prizes and more. Let’s show the home brewing community how Southern Oregon does a Rally!

Rogue Valley Beer Tour: 11 Breweries to Visit Over the Holidays

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This time of year take advantage of your time together with family and friends and journey out on a beer tour around southern Oregon. With the range of production breweries, brewpubs and nano-breweries there are plenty of options in the Rogue Valley to mix things up and make a day of beer tasting. We’ve put together a list of craft breweries in Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass for you to visit, imbibe, socialize, and celebrate the holidays.

fish and chips pairingStanding Stone Brewing Co.
Here are a few insider tips for you and your beer buds: Try the Sunday Beer & Food Pairing for $25 per person, every week at 3pm. Five taster courses of craft beer and fare, and no reservations required. Minors welcome all day, every day, and we have toys and books to keep the kiddos entertained while you sip on the 2014 Barley Wine.

Caldera Brewing
Tap into the local spirit and order an Ashland Amber at their south-side Ashland brewpub. Or visit their taproom downtown, within walking distance of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Lithia Park, and local retail shops.

Swing Tree Brewing Co.
Be in-the-know and check out the newest little brewery on the block. Swing Tree is currently planning an expansion to brew even more of their Porch Swing Pale and Obligatory IPA. Last spring we brewed southern Oregon’s first collaboration beer with Swing Tree – the Stone Swing Saison. Bring your own snacks to pair with craft beer from Ashland’s favorite nano-brewery.

Opposition Brewing Co.
Check out the list of craft beers brewed on their 1.5 BBL system. Regulars include Blast Radius American PaRRA-handlele, Fallow Fields Brown, Devastated Sky Stout, and Sixth Seal Northwest Pale Ale.

BricktownE Brewing Co.
Take a break from the bustle of downtown Medford and stop in for a pint and grub at their brewpub. For the month of December they will be running a daily special paired with a different beer and a free pint glass to take home, all for $15.

Portal Brewing Co.
Just because we love Cascadian Dark Ales (we make a seasonal Hop Night CDA every year), we recommend trying their Blackghost CDA and Hoptopus Imperial CDA. Pair with a Gyro or Bacon Quesadilla, because, heck, it’s the holidays.

Southern Oregon Brewing Co.
This Medford taproom is open every day, so stop by and indulge in a pint of Pin Up Porter. Or show some local sports pride and try their Raider Red Ale (the SOU Raiders just won the NAIA football national championship. Go Raiders!).

Walkabout Brewing Co.
Swing by the tasting room in Medford and go big with their Jabberwocky Strong Ale. Have a gluten-free person in the group? Try their GFA (Gluten Free Ale), also newly available on tap at Standing Stone in Ashland. This hoppy Pale Ale is low on gluten and big on hop flavor.

Conner Fields Brewingpizza_beer_1
Say “hi” to the first craft brewery in the Applegate Valley. You can find their beer at The Haul in Grants Pass (open Christmas Eve), and select local growers markets during the market season. In the mean time, stop in at the gastropub and treat yourself to some local flavors.

JD’s Sports Bar and Brewery
JD’s has been serving beer in Grants Pass for 20 years. Check out their Event Calendar for upcoming happenings and try their Festivus Winter Ale for a sip of the season.

Wild River Brewing and Pizza Co.
Ask for a brewery tour at the Grants Pass location, or stop in for a wood-fired pizza at the Medford brewpub. They have happy hour from 2-5 p.m., so stop in for a brew and snack before dinner with the family.

(photos: George Rubaloff Photography, Southern Oregon Brewing, Wild River Brewing)

Pairing & Recipe: Brussels Sprouts with Basil Aioli

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We at Standing Stone are collectively in love with our tasty, crisp, satisfying Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts. We’re pretty certain this is the best way to get one of your daily servings of greens. Sure, they’re cooked in oil, sprinkled with salt, and served with an herbed mayo brussels spouts and amber- shouldn’t more veggies get this kind of preferential treatment? These baby cabbages are a perfect snack to share with friends, and a pint of Milk & Honey Ale pairs perfectly with the toasted, crunchy leaves.

We’ve received numerous emails asking for our Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts recipe, so we thought we’d put it up on News On Tap for the world to see. It’s simple and requires few ingredients, and is sure to impress even the picky eaters at your holiday dinner party.

Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts with Basil Aioli

As many Brussels Sprouts as you like!
1 TBLS Pesto
16 oz Mayonnaise
2 TBLS + 1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp Minced Garlic
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper

Method:brussels sprouts

For the Brussels Sprouts, simply deep fry completely submerged at 325 degrees, using something to keep them under so they don’t splatter (very important)! Better to use a deep pan than a shallow one, a lot of oil, and a wire basket to push down. Once the outside leaves are crispy and dark brown, remove and toss with a sprinkle of salt.

Incorporate the remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl and serve for dipping, preferably alongside your favorite craft beer. Voila!

These Brussels Sprouts make a great snack, or side dish to accompany a grilled steak. At the brewpub, we feature them with charbroiled cuts of beef from Standing Stone’s One Mile Farm and a big ole’ scoop of garlicky mashed potatoes.

Let us know what other ideas you have for dipping sauces, or if you have a favorite beer or wine in mind for pairing. You could host your own pairing at home and try this dish with several beers to pick your own favorite. Anything with roasted aromas, a medium body, or a little sweetness would make it onto our list. Enjoy!

Four Tips for Keeping Your Growler Fresh

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One of the most common questions we get at Standing Stone is about taking beer to go (and we don’t mean the amount that you take home in your stomach).  Like most other food and drink, beer has an expiration date.  You’ll experience the best aroma and flavor straight out of the tap, but we know sometimes you want to take beer home, too. The key is keepin’ it fresh.

beer2We want to share four tips for keeping your beer fresh and delicious when taking it home from your local craft brewery:

Tip #1: Use the proper vessel

Make sure the container you are using seals well.  Air getting in, or carbonation getting out, will cause the beer to go flat and lose its flavor.  A twist top works great, and flip-top caps work even nicer.  Air in is bad, carbonation out is bad.

Furthermore, beer can take on the flavor of whatever it is stored in.  It’s why our Barley Wine is aged in a wine cask for three months, and why many breweries use old scotch or bourbon barrels for conditioning Stouts and other seasonals. When taking beer home, use glass! Glass is essentially an inert vessel, in regard to smell and flavor.  Avoid using a plastic growler that will give the beer an odd taste if left in there for too long.

Tip # 2: Store in containers shielded from sunlight

Sunlight affects the flavor of beer. UV rays are a contributing factor in beer spoilage, so avoid it! That is why bottled beer is generally sold in containers made of tinted glass; grmilk and honey to goeen or brown.  Most often, beer is stored in brown glass, like our growlers.  Colored glass protects it from UV rays longer than clear glass.  When storing beer, make sure it’s either a tinted glass or something metal so little or no sunlight can enter.

Tip #3: Keep Cool

The goal is to try to recreate the environment in which beer is stored at the brewery.  We store our beer between 38 and 44 degrees to keep flavor consistent.  Flavors change when the temperature changes.  When taking beer home, it’s best to put it in the fridge as early as possible.  If you’re driving and can’t put it in the fridge, a simple cooler of ice will do the trick.  It doesn’t take much to keep it cool, and it’s well worth it.  Or pick up one of our double insulated growlers.  They’re great for taking beer long distances, on the river, or out on a camping trip. Check out Outside Magazine’s blog post, What’s the Burliest Water Bottle You Can Buy?, where they tested our beer in a Hydroflask after 24 hours with no refrigeration…it made it!hydroflask growler

Tip # 4: Drink quickly (and responsibly)

When we say drink quickly, we don’t mean try your best to recreate your college experience.  Perhaps it’s better to say, “Share your beer with others as quickly as possible.”  The sooner you enjoy beer from your growler, the better it will taste.  The longer beer is out of the tap, the more flavor it will lose.  We generally tell people to drink beer from the growler within 24 hours to make sure the flavor stays consistently delicious.   It can go a few days, however, without going bad. And once you open the seal, try to finish your beer within a day.

And that’s it!  Follow these tips and your beer should taste pretty darn good.  Remember: do your best to recreate the environment in which beer is stored at the brewery.  If this is a little much, just keep these simple ideas in mind: avoid air, heat, and light.  If you can do those three things, you and your growler will be good to go.

And make sure to check out our Standing Stone gift ideas.  Beer makes a great gift, and even more so during the cold winter months (Barley Wine, anyone?).  Our Holiday Six Pack includes a t-shirt, coasters, glassware and a growler – filled with beer!  So stop by, wrap up shopping with a grower and some gifts, and try your hand at our four tips to keep a growler fresh.

Happy Holidays!

Gifts, Growlers & Goodies, Oh My!

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Have you wrapped up your holiday shopping this year? Or are you the last-minute gift grabber? Either way, we’re pretty sure there’s always room left on the holiday shopping list for beer. Check out Standing Stone Brewing’s beer-themed gift ideas for 2014, guaranteed to rouse a smile and high-five from loved ones.


Hats, Shirts and Sweatshirtshanginghat

Give the gift of beer gear! We have hats, shirts and sweatshirts in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. We also have Standing Stone One Mile Farm T-shirts for the kiddos. Add a Standing Stone logo patch to your bag or backpack, or toss it back and forth like a mini Frisbee. You can dress the whole family in matching apparel from your local craft brewery.

Patches $4
Short-sleeve tees $20
Tech tees $25
Sweatshirts $50


Glasswarebarley wine

Great craft beer deserves great glassware. Our Belgian-style 13 oz. glasses are perfect for enhancing the aroma and flavor of your favorite brew. We also have pints, half-pints and taster glasses for all forms of imbibing. Do you offer water at the holiday table, too? Grab a few half-liter or liter glass water bottles with our “Tap Into It” logo (also useful for juice, eggnog, milk for Santa…you name it!).

Taster glass $3
Half pint $4
Pint $5
“Tap Into It” bottles $6-$8


Gift Cards

Can’t decide what to get someone? Let them choose with a Standing Stone gift card in any amount. Cards can be used for food, beer, retail…whatever! Maybe leave a note encouraging them to take you out for a pint. Just a suggestion.

Price: You name it.


Beer To Goglasware and  bottles

What’s missing at that buffet table? Craft beer, of course! Fill up one of our liter or half-gallon bottles with any Standing Stone beer straight from the taps. To keep your brew extra cold, try our stainless steel, insulated Hydroflasks with Standing Stone’s logo. We also fill kegs to order in 5 gallon, 7.75 gallon, and 15.5 gallon sizes (24 hour notice).

Liter bottle $8
Half-gallon bottle $10
Hydroflask $45
*see our Beer webpage for beer pricing


Holiday Six-Packsixpack

This wrap-ready box has it all. You’ll get a half-gallon growler with a gift certificate to come in and fill it with your favorite beer. It also includes a T-shirt of any style and size, coasters and two pints glasses. It’s about as easy as gift-giving gets!

Price: $45


You’ll find lots of our retail items at our online store, and we offer $5 flat rate shipping for any order. You can also order by phone by calling (541) 482-2448. Or, if you live in the area, stop by the brewpub and purchase your goods in person. While you’re at it, have a pint and pat yourself on the back for having the awesome idea of giving craft beer for the holidays.


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