‘Tis the Season for ‘Pints for a Purpose’

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We had a great turnout last Tuesday night for the first Pints for a Purpose benefit evening of our 2014/2015 season. Rogue Climate brought in fans and friends to drink beer and support their cause, and raised over $700 through our beer sales donation program! They brought “Rogue Climate” pins for guests to wear and show their pride, and stationed volunteers at the front table to welcome supporters and talk about the organization’s mission.

rogue climate groupWe’re also happy to announce we’ve counted the remainder of the in-house ballots and our coworkers have chosen the next four recipients for Pints for a Purpose this year. All benefits are Tuesdays evenings from 5-10pm, and $2 of every beer sold goes to the organizations:

December 2 – WaterWatch of Oregon

This nonprofit’s mission is to protect and restore flows in our rivers to sustain the native fish, wildlife, and the people who depend on healthy rivers. WaterWatch was the first organization in the West to seek structural reform of antiquated water laws to protect and restore our rivers.

January 13 – Friends of the Ashland Public Library

The mission of the Friends of the Ashland Public Library is to support our library to achieve any and all of its goals. Ensuring free access to information is part of Ashland’s community life, to which the Friends are firmly dedicated.

rogue climate tableFebruary 3 – Rogue Farm Corps

Rogue Farm Corps trains the next generation of farmers and ranchers through hands-on educational programs. They work to support our local agricultural economy and serve as a model for other communities.

March 3 – Rogue Valley Earth Day

This event has become a Rogue Valley tradition. It’s a forum for non-profits, businesses and governments to raise awareness, a venue for local musicians, artists and performers to share their talents, and an outlet for students to display their knowledge and creativity.

We’re excited to bring beer-lovers together for great, local causes! Toast with us on any of the upcoming dates to show your enthusiasm for nonprofits and craft beer. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly and have a great time celebrating with us all winter-long.

Meet Ruby.

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rubyWhen we started our One Mile Farm in 2011, we knew we wanted some security on our pastures. The brewery is a mile away and as much as we love being out there with the animals and fresh air, there’s still beer to be made!  So we did some research, drove to Portland, and picked up our three Anatolian Shepherd puppies to be our new farm dogs. Stone, IPA, and Ruby have been staples of our farm from the beginning. Unfortunately, life on the farm hasn’t been ideal for Ruby, and we’re sad to say it’s time to find her a new home. We’re hoping you can help us!

Ruby is a sweet, shy 90 pound girl. She gets lonely on the farm and tends to wander off when there isn’t anyone around. She usually meanders towards houses with kids, and loves to be around people. When she wanders away she always comes back, but we worry about her on the road. She’s accustomed to sleeping outside and gets shy if you ask her to come in. In fact, she hasn’t spent much time indoors at all, so we can’t say what her inside behavior would be. Outdoors, this three year-old is fun and loving.

ruby and brothers

Ruby and her brothers as puppies (she’s the one on the left, snuggling).

Ruby would do well in a home with room to roam. She would also benefit from people around her often, as she loves attention. Chickens and small animals can agitate her, and she would need to meet any other dogs in the family. She’s happiest when she can play outside with people, and is eager to please. If you came to our Pumpkins and Pints event this year, you may have seen her lounging in the sun by the trailer watching everyone have a good time.

This lady has led a simple life – she likes sleeping in dirt and hasn’t spent much time on a leash. She is all up to date on shots and healthy as can be. By nature, Anatolian Shepherds are powerful, intelligent and loyal, and Ruby is no exception.

We want to find Ruby a happy home where she can feel comfortable and at-ease, and we’re hoping you can help us. Tell your friends, and your friends’ friends! If you’re interested in meeting Ruby or learning more, email Alex at alex@standingstonebrewing.com.

An Ode to Tortillas

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There’s nothing better than home cookin’, because home cookin’ means housemade ingredients.  And housemade ingredients mean good food.  As the years have progressed, we’ve become increasingly self-sufficient in our food sourcing.  With our One Mile Farm, we are able to supply the restaurant with beef, poultry, mutton, honey, and eggs (and possibly pork in the not-too-distant future). We make our dressings, sauces, mayo, salsas, bread, pizza dough, tortillas and more.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The back of the restaurant is bustling with life early every morning as the prep cooks work hard to prepare for the day’s demands.

Fish TacosSince there’s so much food to talk about, it’d be best to start with one item: tortillas.  A  tortilla’s simplicity may make it an odd thing to boast about, but it’s important to start at the foundation of food. What better foundation than corn and flour tortillas?  Our head chef, Eric Bell, thinks the same thing: tortillas should be simple.  Store bought varieties can have dozens of ingredients.  Ingredients, that when read aloud, would perhaps cause one to question their reading comprehension level.  The list is filled with legal catch phrases like, “natural flavors” and “hydrolyzed vegetable protein,” creating mystery and ambiguity for what’s really in there.  Tortillas should not be complex.  There shouldn’t be more than three or four ingredients.  So we simplified.

Our corn tortillas use White Masa corn, and the flour tortillas use a low-gluten flour from Pendleton Flour Mills, in Pendleton, Oregon.  The few ingredients we use provide a stark contrast to the tortillas available in stores.  Masa and water for corn tortillas, and flour, salt, water, and olive oil for flour tortillas. That’s it. They’re hand pressed in a tortillera and cooked on a flat top grill called a plancha.  When making chips and fried tortillas, we purchase GMO free, blue corn tortillas and use rice oil to cook them.

Luisa Tortilla PressPerhaps the most impressive aspect about the tortillas is the creator behind them.  The entirety of our corn and flour tortillas are made by one of our prep cooks, Luisa Binzha (pictured right).  She’s been working at Standing Stone for over three years, and when she came onto the scene she brought her tortilla-making skills with her.  Luisa has made tortillas since she was a child, she says, attributing her skills to her mother.  Every morning she works, Luisa takes about three hours to make tortillas, producing over 300 tortillas per hour.  She makes 1,000 a day, four to five days a week, four weeks a month and twelve months a year.  The math comes out to roughly 4,500 tortillas week, 18,000 a month, or 216,000 tortillas a year.  Holy grass-fed beef, batman, that’s a lot!

It’s all part of our drive to make our food more sustainable, more delicious, and more local.  What could be more local than an in-house tortilla chef?  We started with our tortillas three years ago, and it doesn’t stop there.  There are so many things we make in house, and so many more we’d like to make here.  Luisa has made over half a million tortillas in her three years here – it’s mind boggling really.  We’re so happy to have her here, providing her own flair to a staple in a large variety of our food.  Next time you eat tacos, a burrito or chips at Standing Stone, you’ll know it’s a Luisa Binzha variety.  Tell your server, “I’ll have the Luisa special, please,” and devour some delicious (yet simple) homemade tortillas.

Latest Specialty Beer: Brimstone Lager

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Lager-lovers, rejoice! We’ve just tapped our latest specialty beer and we’re overjoyed with the tasty brew. Our new Brimstone Lager was crafted with the same lager yeast we used for our popular Oktoberfest. This light, slightly toasty and nutty Helles-style beer is perfect for refreshing after an active day in the chilly-autumn outdoors. Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, running, biking, or just playing in the leaves, this new lager is ready to reward you for your efforts.

In German, “helles” simply indicates a pale or light colored beer. Traditionally, these beers have low hop bitterness and sweet maltiness, with an abv in the 5% range. Popularity of this beer style has grown in the U.S. and, we have to say, breweries have come up with some pretty fantastic names. Here are some of our top favorites:lager

Helles Yeah from Leinenkugel’s, Wisconsin

Helles Belles from Ninkasi Brewing, Oregon

Lucky as Helles from Breakside Brewing, Oregon

Heavenly Helles from Church Street Brewing, Illinois

About the Beer

This Munich-style Helles Lager is light gold with a slightly toasted aroma. The mouthfeel is bright and crisp with sweet maltiness and very low bitterness. 5.3% abv, 18 IBU


  • Weyermann Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Ashburne Mild
  • Briess Victory


  • Organic Hallertau


Food Pairing Suggestionsquinoa burger

This crisp lager refreshes the palate between bites without being too overbearing. The light toastiness makes it a great pairing with light herbs, fish and chicken. We’re thinking it could even hold it’s own alongside curry and pork chops. Can you tell we’re fans of this beer? Here are our suggestions from the menu:

Three Cheese & Mushroom Pizza

Clams in Jalapeno Beer Broth (daily special)


Quinoa Nut Burger

Goat Cheese Fondue

Turkey Reuben

Carrot Cake (daily special)

You’ll want your pint glass brimming with this helles lager soon! Maybe we’re being optimistic, but we’re hoping this new beer will be around as our local ski resort, Mt. Ashland, opens for the season. We can’t think of anything we’d like more than a growler of Brimstone Lager at the fireside after a day of skiing or snowboarding and fresh air. Fire and Brimstone, anyone?

Celebrating Employee Wellness with ‘Cheers to Health’

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Cheers to Health JPGEmployee health and wellness have always been at the top of our priority list at Standing Stone. This is why we’ve implemented several in-house wellness programs for our team over the years, including free bikes for employees, free yoga classes, discounts at the local YMCA, and countless company-sponsored race opportunities. Recently, we joined 200 other businesses around the U.S. in taking our wellness efforts a step further by joining the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Work@Health Program. Through this employer-based training program we are brewing up fun and creative strategies to prevent chronic illness and reduce injuries for our Standing Stone team.

Work@Health launched earlier this year with funds from the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund. The program aims to educate employees and their families about interventions that address chronic health conditions. So far, Standing Stone has dedicated nine months of training and development to create our in-house version of the program, Cheers to Health. With seed funding from Work@Health we launched our Stomp Out Stress portion of Cheers to Health in early October, and we’ll feature two more wellness focuses throughout the upcoming year.

With Stomp Out Stress, our goal is lessening stress for our staff with events and benefits that embrace a holistic approach to stress reduction. The program addresses preventing physical strain, decreasing financial anxiety, and tapping into relaxation techniques (including socializing with coworkers and volunteering) to improve the overall health of our team. So far, we’re having a great time!

Here’s our line-up of happenings and benefits for Stomp Out Stress, running October through November:

  • Movie Night for all employees and their families
  • In-house chair massages
  • On-site finance classes, including Budgeting 101 and Getting Out of Debt
  • Personalized stainless steel tumblers to encourage all-day hydration
  • Vouchers for yoga classes at Rasa Yoga Center of Medford and Ashland
  • All-employee volunteer project with Ashland Food Bank
  • Company-wide safety meeting to address knife skills, emergency preparedness, and stretching/exercises to reduce work-related stress and injuries.

Work@Health’s goals include increasing the understanding of training needs of employers, and improving employers’ level of knowledge and awareness of workplace health programs. The program also seeks to grow the number of workplace health programs in the U.S., and promote peer-to-peer community-based cooperation and mentoring. We’re thrilled to be a part of this innovative and progressive approach with Cheers to Health.

Stay tuned for details about our next Cheers to Health programs, and visit the CDC’s website for more info about benefits, how to get involved, and current program news. Cheers to health!

Pints for a Purpose Benefits Rogue Climate, 11/11

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pints_logo_smWe know, we know. You’ve been waiting all summer to see Standing Stone’s 2014/2015 Pints for a Purpose line up, you anxious donation givers! We’re happy to announce our first evening of beer sales donations will benefit…(drumroll)…Rogue Climate. We’re excited to launch this year’s beer donation program with this Southern Oregon grass-roots organization on Tuesday, November 11th.

Through our Pints for a Purpose program we donate $2 of every pint of beer sold to an employee-chosen nonprofit on their designated benefit evening, November through March. Our annual application period runs June-October, and then our staff votes for the top five favorite organizations. We award each nonprofit a special evening, during which all pints sold between 5pm – 10pm contribute to their cause. The organizations send representatives to answer questions, offer information, and participate in the fun! You just enjoy a beer (responsibly, of course) and have a great time knowing you’re helping a passionate local organization.

rogue climateRogue Climate supports practical solutions to climate change that will result in cleaner energy, sustainable jobs, and a healthy environment. The organization promotes community conversations and engagement through creative art projects and educational events. Last year, they hosted the area’s first Clean Energy Day with local bands,  local brews, local clean energy businesses, and a 100 foot-wide art piece to make the statement that Southern Oregon is ready for local, cleaner energy. Check out their events page for more upcoming happenings.

Last year, we had hosted five Pints for a Purpose benefit evenings totaling over $2,000 in donations for local nonprofits.  Our recipients for the 2013/2014 season included Ashland Food Project, CASA of Jackson County, Rogue Valley Farm to School, Friends of the Animal Shelter, and Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Daedalus Project.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 11th at 5pm and help us kick off this season of giving. We’ll use #pintsforapurpose to tag photos of the benefit evening on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and encourage you to do the same! Come shake hands, say hi, mingle and have a pint with other fans and friends to help support Rogue Climate with Pints for a Purpose.


2014 Pumpkins & Pints Photo Recap

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pumpkinsThank you to everyone who joined us for Pumpkins & Pints last Sunday at Standing Stone’s One Mile Farm! We enjoyed a beautiful Southern Oregon afternoon of pumpkin carving, live music, local food, brews, and fresh air. Kids, adults, and farm animals alike roamed our pastures for our annual brewpub event, and we have more and more fun every year welcoming our community to play and learn on our farm.

New this year, we relaxed with live tunes from Foxfire Trio. The local bluegrass group comprised of Jeff Jones, Glenn Freese and Bob Evonuik inspired both dancing and lounging in the grass. Thanks to the talented trio for creating a foot-stomping and fun atmosphere!

As a special bonus for our event-goers, we debuted our new all-beef, grass-fed hot dogs! We’re now featuring our One Mile Farm beef in 4 oz. franks for both adults and kids. We think this locally-raised product pairs great with Oktoberfest, Amber Ale, and Twin Plunge Double IPA, all of which you can currently imbibe at the brewpub.

Our house photographer, George Rubaloff, was on hand to capture great moments throughout the day. Thanks to all these smiling faces for spending your autumn afternoon with us! We hope you enjoy the photo recap and include the 7th annual event in your plans for October 2015.


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